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We do not sell or publish Larkin's books or charts. If you wish more information on Clarence Larkin or wish to purchase his materials, visit the  HYPERLINK "" Clarence Larkin Estate website.

For those of you concerned about the copyright issue, most of Larkin's charts were originally copyrighted between 1914 and 1919. According to the US Copyright Office, before 1978 copyrights initially lasted 28 years and were eligible for renewal for another 28 years totaling 56 years. If the work was still copyrighted during 12/31/76 to 12/31/77, the renewal is automatically extended from 28 years to 67 years totaling 95 years from the year of initial copyright. In Larkin's case, however, his charts initially copyrighted from 1914-1919 passed into the public domain (even if they were renewed) during 1970-1975, before the automatic extension. Any and all works published or copyrighted before 1920 are in the public domain. For more information see the Copyright office's website  HYPERLINK ""



Larkin Charts


The books and charts by Clarence Larkin have been extremely helpful to Christians since they were first published over 75 years ago. They have passed into the public domain and we are making some of the charts available here as an aid to Bible study. Larkin's charts are well thought out and Scriptually sound. Some of the more detailed are books in themselves. They reveal Larkin's vast knowledge of the Scriptures and phenomenal grasp of prophecy. Practically all of the prophecy teachers today got their basic prophecy knowledge directly or indirectly from Larkin and C. I. Scolfield. Larkin's works, as well as Scolfield's, are definitive, works that will endure until Christ's return. No other book since their publishing over 75 years ago has much improved on them. 

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